Long-term care resident advocates want Wettlaufer docs released

The Ontario Association of Residents' Councils is demanding police turn over all documents and information they have on two additional crimes serial killer Elizabeth Wettlaufer is alleged to have committed.

CTV News has confirmed that the advocacy group, which represents residents in long-term care facilities in Ontario, has now filed a legal application against the OPP along with London and Woodstock police.

Wettlaufer has allegedly confessed to additional attacks against patients in her care, but was never charged for them.

In fact, previously released police documents show she admitted to police she injected another patient in a London long-term care facility.

Inquiry Commissioner Eileen Gillese has asked all parties - including the commission's counsel - to make submissions on the motion by 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Gillese will eventually issue a ruling, which will be made public.

Wettlaufer is serviing a life sentence for murdering eight patients and trying to hurt or kill six others.