Man facing eight charges after Toronto nightclub shooting; charged with manufacturing a weapon

CKTB-News- Gun Violence

A 30-year-old man has been arrested and faces eight charges in connection with one of the city's latest shootings.

Bullets flew inside and outside the District 45 Nightclub near Keele and Finch over the long holiday weekend.

Four people were hurt.

Two of the charges include manufacturing a firearm and manufacturing ammunition. 

It appears the firearm that may have been used was a modified starter pistol, with blanks changed to add projectiles. 

"It's a rarity to see people manufacturing their own guns for illegal purposes," NEWSTALK1010 Crime Specialist Mark Mendelson said. "But it is less expensive, it's difficult to trace."

The pistol was found by police during the execution of a search warrant.

It's cheaper for criminals to manufacture firearms, making it more difficult for police to track them, says private investigator and gun expert Chris Williams. 

"You can make a firearm and it's not considered a registerable firearm until that last pin is put in and it's an actual firearm," he said. "Those kits can be purchased in the United States, smuggled in, very easily."