Ministry of Labour No Longer Investigating Death at Essex Non-Profit


The Ministry of Labour is no longer investigating after a death at the Windsor Essex Therapeutic Riding Association in Essex.

As AM800 News told you on Wednesday, a worker was pinned by a piece of equipment and was rushed to hospital where they succumbed to their injuries.

The non-profit group issued a statement saying "We are heartbroken by the tragic event that occurred Tuesday night during the hay harvest, which resulted in the fatality of one of our farming partners."

Ministry of Labour Spokesperson Janet Deline tells AM800 News, investigators have discovered that the incident does not fall under the ministry's jurisdiction.

"This incident occurred on a farm and the deceased was not a worker as reported to us in initially so therefore we are no longer investigating," and says Deline says it was the inspector who made the discovery. "Since they discovered that this was not an employee under the legislation, it was considered a non-worker so unfortunately, it is a sad situation but it does not fall to us to investigate."

According to Deline, the Ministry has left the scene.

"Sometimes our inspectors will show up at incident locations and find something unrelated to an event and may investigate something else, but as far as I am aware, nothing else untoward is happening and there is no other need for us to be at that worksite."

The OPP has completed their investigation in relation to this incident.

The victim has been identified as 27-year-old Alex Durham of Amherstburg.

He leaves behind a wife, a son and an unborn child.