Multiple Charges Dropped In Alleged Dog Fighting Case

Dozens of charges have been dropped in the alleged Tilbury dog fighting case. 

In October 2015, a joint investigation between the Chatham-Kent Police Service and the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals resulted in six people being arrested on Morris Line.

Collectively, they faced hundreds of charges under the Criminal Code of Canada, Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and Dog Owner’s Liability Act.

As reported by CTV News Windsor, on Thursday, the Crown dropped all charges against two of the people who were arrested, John Robert Jr. and his mother, Kim Robert.

Some of the more serious charges the two faced included causing cruelty to an animal, weapons offenses and drug charges.

Defense lawyer Ken Marley represents Kim Roberts and her son. 

He says the two feel relieved. 

"I am relieved those charges are out of the way, as is Mrs. Robert and her son," says Marley.

Marley says the Crown made the right call by withdrawing the charges. 

"I think the Crown acknowledged it would have been difficult to connect them to the charges in any event," says Marley.

He says the case continues for the other four people facing charges.

"We have just received disclosure materials, paper material recordings and photographs and this allows us to question some of the witnesses who are central to the case," says Marley. 

John Robert Sr., Michel Gagnon, Robert Tomlin and Candace Johnson are still facing multiple animal cruelty charges. 
Marley also represents Robert and Gagnon.

Their case is now set for a preliminary discovery hearing on July 18.

The Crown Attorney has declined to comment on the case.