Murder Trial Against Windsor Man To Proceed Despite Delays: Judge Rules

A Windsor judge has dismissed an application to have charges stayed against a Windsor man charged with murder.

Dia Hanan, 35, is charged with second-degree murder and attempted murder following a double shooting in December 2015 on Oak St.

A 30-year-old man died while another was shot and is now paralyzed.

The defence had argued Hanan's right to a trial within a reasonable time was violated.

But Justice Kirk Munroe ruled the delays were partially due to the defence and the accused changing lawyers, as well as a major misstep by the crown back in November 2018.

Hanan's jury trial was set to begin November 5, 2018 but a key crown witness from Florida was refusing to testify and there were delays in getting cell phone data from the accused.

As a result, the six-week trial ,with a jury, is now set for October 28, 2019.