New leadership at city hall brings new hope for casino developer

The odds may be shifting in favour of a new casino planned for London.

Officials from Gateway Casinos & Entertainment believe the recent change in the mayor’s office is a reason for optimism.

Rob Mitchell, director of communications for Gateway, tells CTV News, “There are new opportunities in London with a change in leadership in the mayor's office and we are very encouraged with the outreach we've received from the mayor's office so I’m very optimistic about the future in London.”

During Matt Brown’s term as mayor, efforts to locate a new casino in London dragged on for more than two years.

In December, Gateway leased a property on Wonderland Road South rather than in the Western Fair District.

The new year has brought new momentum to the project.

Mayor Ed Holder’s office has connected Gateway with a point person in the development department at city hall who is helping navigate the Wonderland Road project through the approvals process.

Mitchell is pleased to be moving in the right direction saying, “We are working very closely with the city and are happy to have established a dialogue with the new mayor.”

Before breaking ground on a new casino, the site will have to go through a public rezoning process, an archeological assessment and the development of a site plan.