Ottawa announced $37 million for city's rapid transit plan

London's Shift Rapid Transit plan received a boost Friday as the federal government announced funding for its corridors and transit stations.

In total, Ottawa announced $37 million in funding for Phase 1 of the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) to support projects in London.

The city says the money will  improve the mobility and safety of residents who travel by public transit, by cycle, by foot and by car.

A combination of city and provincial funding will match the funds, bringing the total investment in London to more than $74 million.

The funds for the BRT plan will help conduct the Transit Project Assessment Process, complete detailed design of routes and stations, and to modify current downtown bus routes so that transit no longer travels on downtown Dundas Street.

Even as the money starting flowing in, there is still much debate about London's BRT plans.

There has even been a call on social media for a referendum on the issue.

More than $50  million was announced Friday for public transit in seven cities.

Windsor is receiving 24 diesel buses, while Sarnia will get money for some accessible buses.