Out-of-control minivan barrels down residential London street

Residents watched in shock as a minivan careened out of control before climbing an embankment and coming to rest against a parked car. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt.

Witnesses say it was a hair-raising few minutes as the minivan came speeding along Westlake Street, the driver clearly passed out behind the wheel.

Perry MacDonald lives on Westlake and says the car was going about 70 or 80 km/h. along the residential street.

"West on Westlake Street, blew a stop sign, wrong side of the road, jumped a couple of curbs, did a big U-turn, right here to the driveway."

The driveway was belonged to a home at 147 Chesterfield Avenue.

Witnesses say, fortunately, the van hit a large mound at the edge of driveway. That slowed the van before it came to rest at the back bumper of a PT Cruiser parked there.

Still, witnesses say the passed-out driver’s foot remained on the accelerator causing the engine to rev and sending white smoke pouring into the air.

People who came to the drivers' aid had to smash windows with a shovel in order to shut the vehicle off and pull the driver out.

Dog walker Dorothy Bishop was just heading out in her Mini Ccooper to pick up her pooches when the van sped past her.

It narrowly missed Bishop’s sister-in-law who was driving south on Chesterfield.

"She looked to me, because she saw me coming out the driveway, and she's like, 'What the hell's going on!' and I'm like, 'I don't know, oh, my God!’”

The driveway on Chesterfield where the van came to rest belongs to Bishop's mother-in-law.

"This is why I'm a little freaked out, because if that car wasn't there, and that didn't stop him, he could have gone right through the house. And she was just sitting on the other side of the wall."

For her part, mother-in-law Shirley Bishop seemed unfazed, though she was a little concerned about her PT Cruiser.

"You don't know what's happened underneath, sort of thing, you know. So, we'll see - one of these things."

Police say the driver suffered minor injuries. They haven't identified what caused him to pass out and lose control.