Pair of excessive speeders nabbed in CK 401 construction zone

  OPP want motorists to slow down after a pair of speeding incidents on the 401 through the construction zone in Chatham-Kent, barely a week after a rash of crashes in the same area.

Around 3 p.m. Friday, officers stationed near Kent Bridge Rd. registered a radar reading of more than 130 km/h for a Mercedes Benz C300 leaving the construction zone in the eastbound lanes of Hwy. 401.

Police report the vehicle sped up even further and was weaving in and out of traffic — nearly hitting a pick-up truck.

OPP report a second radar reading clocked the eastbound car at more than 180 km/h. Officers were able to pull over the speeding car.

A 33-year-old American man from Georgia is facing charges of careless driving and speeding.

Around 11pm the same day, OPP clocked a rental car travelling at more than 160 km/h coming out of the construction zone in the eastbound lanes on Hwy. 401 past Mull Rd.

A 28-year-old London man is now facing a street racing charge.

Both accused are due in court on Sept. 20.

The rash of crashes last weekend ended with a deadly collission on Sunday near the same area the alleged speeders were caught.

OPP are reminding drivers stunt driving or racing is one of the most reckless forms of aggressive driving and puts people in danger. Police also reminding drivers speeding fines double in construction zones and officers will be monitoring the area closely.