Panel to discuss racism in the city on special London @ Large show

A NewsTalk 1290 panel discussion Tuesday on air will delve into racism in the city.

The panel host is the station’s Al Coombs, whose show is London @ Large.

It will explore the issues in a special broadcast from 1 to 3 p.m.

The show will be live from the Green Room at the Covent Garden Market.

Among the issues to be explored include: Is London winning the fight against racism? Are things actually getting worse?

“We have some powerful, progressive, articulate and positive people in this community. I’m really glad we do, because the controversial subject matter that’s discussed daily on NewsTalk 1290 can be a magnet for extreme opinions,” says program director Scott Simpson.

Guests include lawyer Susan Toth, Sudanese, London-based, multidisciplinary activist Rowa Mohamed and LUSO Multicultural Outreach Program Coordinator Leroy Hibbert.