VIDEO: PET/CT Scanner to Arrive at Windsor Regional Hospital this Spring

Windsor Regional Hospital's new PET/CT scanner will be arriving this spring.

Once the new machine is up and running by late April or early May, it will prevent hundreds of local patients from having to drive up the 401 to London, Hamilton or Mississauga to get the scan which is used primarily for cancer diagnoses.

It will scan between 400 and 600 patients a year and will be located in an addition to the cancer centre where the current Healing Garden is located.

Normally, a community is responsible for paying for new equipment, but the province is picking up the entire cost of the device at $3.5-million and installation.

"This is a very expensive piece of equipment, probably the most expensive piece of equipment a hospital could buy. So as a result, this is something but for the province of Ontario, we would not have in Windsor-Essex, in the sense of a new PET scanner," says Windsor Regional Hospital CEO David Musyj.

Musyj notes out of 14 cancer centres in Ontario, when there is a ranking on service delivery, in the past 12 months, the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre is number one.


Windsor Regional Hospital CEO David Musyj stands in the location where the new PET/CT scanner will be located. February 12, 2019 (Photo by AM800's Teresinha Medeiros)

Chief of Oncology Dr. Sindu Kanjeekal says the scan is important for several aspects of cancer including remission and looking for re-occurrence.

"It really is considered the standard of care in many types of cancer," she says.  "Not every cancer requires a PET/CT but many do and it is very important sometimes for staging, for decisions regarding surgery, it is important for response assessment."

The PET/CT Scanner was suppose to be here by late 2018, but there was a stumbling block in construction to house the machine, so a new location was picked out and construction will begin shortly.