POLICE: Two teens in Milton overdosed on synthetic marijuana

It was last month, when two teens nearly died after overdosing on what was first believed to be marijuana laced with an opioid.

The two Milton teens were saved when emergency responders administered Noxalone, a potentially life-saving drug, and they have since recovered.

The teens told police that they thought they were smoking Salvia, a different kind of hallucinigenic plant.

But police have now given us more information into what, exactly, those kids were smoking.

It was a synthetic cannabinoid, or sythetic marijuana. Police say it's a man-made chemical created to mimic the effect of marijuana.

In some cases thought, it's more than that.

"It's a hallucinigenic buzz versus a THC or CBD buzz. So, it's all-encompasing body, mind and you lose consciousness, get dizzy, but it's that crazy next high thing that many kids in crisis are looking for." says Yonah Budd, the co-founder of the Farm Rehab Centre in Stouffville.

"In the last month, I've had four patients get sick from this product." adds Budd.

He says the current stuff that is showing up on the streets seems to have a fentanyl or carfentanyl element mixed in.

"There's a ton of stuff on youth blogs and stuff that these kids pay attention to in terms of their own world, so there is some attention being drawn to it through their own peers." says Budd.

And he suspects we'll see more of it this summer.

"It's becoming quite prevelant and the summer looks like there's going to be more of it on the street."