Popular Blyth Festival play heading to nation's capital

The Pigeon King is flying the coop. Final touches are being put on the popular play, as cast and crew from Blyth prepare to take it to the National Arts Centre later this month.

The Pigeon King is based upon the dealings of Arlan Galbraith.

The Ontario businessman convinced hundreds of U.S. and Canadian farmers to invest in pigeons.

The pigeon plan turned out be a Ponzi scheme, and Galbraith was sentenced to seven years in prison for his far-fetched fraud.

The play, which debuted in Blyth in 2017, was a huge success. So much so, Ottawa's National Arts Centre came calling.

It will be the first Blyth-produced play to make it to the prestigious national stage.

The Pigeon King will make it’s national debut on April 24, and will run for two weeks.