Public School Board Launches New Online Mental Health Resources

There is a new section on the Greater Essex County District School Board's website.

The school board has unveiled its new mental health and well-being section.

Supervisor of Social Work, Attendance and Counselling Services Charysse Pawley says the board began to work on the new section last spring.

She says it highlights different resources in the area along with where someone can get help.

"It's all different titles of whether it's counselling or for crisis services or for sexual health, different titles and also we have the link to their website," says Pawley.  "So that way they can go into their website and actually see what kind of programs they have."      

Pawley says the board's student senate assisted with the website as well.

"I know that over the years, I've asked students, I'll say what resources do you know that are in our community," says Pawley.  "They don't really know mental health resources are.  They do know about the primary ones, Teen Health, Maryvale, Regional Children's Centre but there's other ones that are available as well and they don't know what kind of programs are available."

Pawley hopes students, parents and staff visit the new section on the website.

"If it just helps one," says Pawley.  "I always say as long as it reaches some body because it's important for some body know where to get help.  I mean we're looking at more preventative and so we know that we all have mental health but at different times we struggle with our mental health and so we want to be able to have that information for them at anytime."

The website was officially launched on Tuesday at the board's student senate meeting.

Pawley says a soft launch was held in December and more than 800 people have already viewed the new section on the website.