Queen's Park found to be in violation of Ontario Fire Code

At Queen's Park, provincial politicians make the rules you have to follow.

In a NEWSTALK 1010 exclusive we've learned the Ontario government has been breaking the provincial fire code.

The province has been ordered to make changes at Queen's Park after NEWSTALK 1010 reporter Hayley Cooper was accidentally locked inside a room by a worker and couldn't get out.

"As required by law, we did attend the building. My staff did search out that specific room and we did verify that the locking mechanism on that door was contrary to Part 2 of the Ontario Fire Code. We brought that to the attention of security, they immediately notified their property team and the locking mechanism was replaced within 24 hours. Toronto Fire Service staff also noted a number of other doors with similar locking mechanisms. We have communicated that to the property division that it is our expectation that these locks be replaced," says Deputy Fire Chief Jim Jessop.

He says inspectors will be returning to Queen's Park later this week to ensure all doors comply with the fire code.

Jessop says it may take a couple of weeks for all the locks to be changed, but Toronto Fire will be continuing to monitor that the work is done.

"The door has to be openable from the inside. It cannot require any special knowledge or any special key to open from the inside so that any person can safely make their way out," Jessop explains of the fire code.

Speaker Dave Levac has now ordered a complete life and fire safety review of the Legislative Building saying "with a very old building like this, where there are historical fittings and fixtures in many places, it is important to constantly make upgrades and make sure that we keep up with modern standards. Keeping everyone who works at and visits the Legislative Building safe and secure is always my top priority."