Remembering Roy Halladay

The baseball world continues to mourn the loss of former Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Roy Halladay.

Doc was killed on Tuesday after a plane crash in the Gulf of Mexico.

Former Detroit Tiger player and current Blue Jays broadcaster Joe Siddall says he crossed paths with Halladay on a few occasions.

He says the most recent was this past summer when Halladay was inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame.

Siddall says on the field he remembers playing against Halladay almost 20-years ago.

"For me it was my last time in the big leagues with the Tigers and Halladay was pitching for the Blue Jays, I think it was the last game of the season in September 1998 and he had a near no hitter that was broken up in the 9th inning by Bobby Higginson who came in and hit a pitch hit home run off Halladay.  I think the Blue Jays won that game 2-1."

Siddall says the Tigers faced off against the Blue Jays in September 1998 but he wasn't in the line-up when Halladay was on the mound.

"I didn't play that day, I had played the previous day.  I got the start against Roger Clemens so I had a front row seat to watch Halladay that day almost spin a no hitter against us and as a fan of the game and as a catcher especially, I certainly appreciate watching a pitcher perform his craft and had a good seat for that day to watch Roy work and something he did very well."

Siddall says Halladay was one of the best Blue Jays and one of the best in the game.

Halladay won two Cy Young Awards, once with the Blue Jays in 2003 and the other with the Philadelphia Phillis in 2010.

He also threw the 20th perfect game in MLB history on May 29, 2010.     

Halladay retired in 2013 after playing in the bigs for 16 seasons.