Ridership Increases for Tecumseh Transit


Tecumseh Transit is midway through its tenth year and ridership is up.

According to a report before Tecumseh Town Council Tuesday night, overall ridership has risen by 4.8 per cent or 672 passengers for the first six months of  2019 compared to the same period in 2018.

Manager of Planning Services Chad Jeffery credits route revisions, new buses capable of kneeling to increase accessibility and more efficient loading of riders.

He tells AM800 News, the program spiked in ridership around five years ago and the town's been optimizing it since.

"Removed some stops and added some others in an attempt to get people to the places that they need to go as quickly as possible while maintaining accessibility to the route," he says.

He adds part of the increase in ridership is the growing senior population in town and promotional initiatives.

Jeffery says the town will be meeting with the Seniors Advisory Council in the coming weeks to see what will make transit even more appealing to them.

"We'd like to hear from them on where they'd like to go, where they think the system can be improved. We're going to be meeting with them to see," he says.

The service launched in December of 2009 and now covers 30-km with 43 stops.

More than 237,000 people have boarded the service since its inception.