Sattler says there's a crisis due to lack of assisted-living residential spaces

London West NDP MPP Peggy Sattler is calling on the Province to take action to help adults with physical disabilities find assisted-living spaces.

Sattler met with four families whose loved ones have been on waiting lists for assisted living housing.

Sattler said there is an "ongoing crisis" in access to residential care for people with complex medical needs.

She held a news conference Friday at London’s Participation House.

The community organization has 40 assisted living residential placements available for the Southwest LHIN, with 60 people on the waiting list.

Sattler said as a result, Londoners waiting for access to assisted living for their family members with complex medical needs are being told that they are unlikely to secure a space in their lifetime.

“These four families have been advocating tirelessly on behalf of their loved ones – with the LHIN, with the patient ombudsman, with anyone who will listen – but the problem remains. They came to me because they felt they had nowhere else to go,” she said.