Serwa joins 5 others in hall of fame

She grew up on the slopes of Big White.

Now Kelsey Serwa is being inducted into the Central Okanagan Sports Hall of Fame.

Her grandfather Cliff couldn't be more pleased.

"She has a great deal of enthusiasm. The work ethic is very strong. She has a sound knowledge that it takes a team to accomplish, even at her sport which is very individual, it took a big team to support her at that level". 

Serwa competed in three Olympic Games, winning bronze in 2014 and gold in ski cross in 2018.

Tania Jones excelled at long distance running and is regarded as one of Canada's best.

"I think their has to be a competitive drive that you need to have to challenge yourself to become better. It's not always about beating people and winning competitions, but can I become better at this distance and this race. Can I train better."   

Also entering the hall of fame is Roybn Buna in basketball and the late Duncan McNaughton for winning gold at the 1932 Olympics in high jump.

In the builders category - Daphne Richards in Equestrian and Roger Lafontaine for co-founding the Okanagan Track Club.

The official induction ceremony will take place in November.