Smash Mouth Tells Drake To Sit Down

Could the next big music feud be between Drake and ‘90s band Smash Mouth?

A tweet Sunday on the official account of the “All Star” group reads: “Yo @drake When the ball is in-play sit the FCK down! That aint gonna fly in Oakland!”

Among the hashtags on the tweet was “#GlorifiedMascot.”

Oh, it’s on.

“Smash Mouth vs. Drake is the beef I needed in 2019,” tweeted one person.

Jake Brockman pointed out: “Toronto radio stations will not have to stop playing Smash Mouth for the Finals because they already did that 20 years ago.”

Toronto Star music writer Benjamin Rayner opined: “I can’t imagine Smash Mouth has much else to do.”

One person accused the band of baiting Drake “so that you can be in the spotlight for 2 seconds cuz you’re that desperate. Ain’t gonna work. You’re forgotten. Have fun performing in front of 50 people every other weekend.”

Here’s a sample of reactions: