St. Thomas girls uses weekly allowance to help the homeless

An 11-year-old St. Thomas girl has been saving her allowance and collecting donations to help the homeless.

A knitting circle in her local neighbourhood has also joined the crusade, creating warm winter items for those less fortunate.

Abby Manuel has now collected so many items, her family had to move the collection out of a spare bedroom and into the basement.

“They don't have as much as we have and they need the stuff and sometimes we don’t need the stuff,” Abby says.

Abby takes her allowance each week or other money she receives and heads to the dollar store to fill up care bags.

“It's really cheap so I just thought, you know….I'll just use this stuff that I have here and I'll make something out of it to… help the homeless.

Abby’s mother Sandy says her daughter has always been a kind soul.

For her birthday last year she had her friends donated cat food and the cat food went to pets…here in St. Thomas,” Sandi says.

She's also used her allowance to buy Christmas gifts for children in Second Stage Housing.

Each one of the care bags she has filled is valued at about $30. The goal is to fill 100 and give them away to people who need them to pay it forward.

Abby plans to donate the bags to the YMCA and shelters this fall, just in time for winter.

“It makes me feel really good inside. Knowing that I'm helping someone, it makes me feel good,” she says.