Students Front And Centre At LaSalle's Remembrance Day Ceremony

LaSalle's Remembrance Ceremony put a focus on youth while honouring veterans.


A bright sun barely warmed those gathered around the town's cenotaph in a square behind town hall.

LaSalle Cenotaph (by AM800's Peter Langille)

Students from LaSalle's 2 high schools addressed those assembled in the chill wind including a small group of WW2 veterans.

Cameron Emery of Sandwich Secondary recalled Canada's role in Afghanistan.

Emery says the sacrifice of those in war has meant a better life for all of us.

"The memory of veterans and those who made the greatest sacrifice should live forever in our hearts and minds" said Emery. "Our men and women fought and dies for freedom and achieved it and it is our duty to maintain it.  We need to put country ahead of self as those men and women did before us"

Lydia Manchurek from Villanova reminded the assembly of what Canadians gave up during war.

"Nurses and doctors who bestowed compassion and healing in times of anguish." said Manchurek, "Families who watched their loved ones leave knowing they might never return home and veterans who returned home but were forever changed.  All these sacrifices were made for us so our lives could prosper under freedom security, understanding and tolerance of one another"

All levels of government were represented in the laying of wreaths.


Wreath laying at LaSalle Cenotaph (by AM800's Peter Langille)

Last Post, Rouse, the piper's lament and a rifle volley interspersed prayers and the singing of Oh Canada.