VIDEO: Tecumseh Townhouse Development Seeing Big Opposition


A proposed 63-unit townhouse development is causing major concern for a Tecumseh neighbourhood.

It was standing room only Tuesday night for a public meeting to discuss the plan for the former Victoria Public School site on Dillon Dr.

The majority of residents spoke out against the development expressing concerns over the potential for flooding, increased traffic, impacts to property values and the overall aesthetics of the plan.

Brian St. Amour lives nearby and says he's not opposed to development on the site, just something much smaller.

"We do need housing. So I'd like to see maybe some detached or semi-detached, but definitely not something of that density. I just feel that something like that that's currently proposed right now just doesn't fit."


Tecumseh resident Brian St. Amour seen on September 10, 2019 (Photo by AM800's Zander Broeckel)

St. Amour says flooding is already a problem in the neighbourhood.

"In 2016, I ended up with 2.5-feet of water in my basement. So I'm very sympathetic to what are we going to do with this water situation. What hope do we have of getting anything done with this new development going on here? Are we just going to have to sit on our hands again and hope that this doesn't happen again?"

Tamra Tobin Teno has lived in the neighbourhood her entire life and says she's open to development, just not this one.

"I think Tecumseh needs some development, but not what they're proposing. This is not a reasonable development at all. The density is too high. It's more than the community housing in town. Too dense, too crowded and it's ugly."

The original plan from the London-based Briday Development called for 94-units on the 5.6-acre property.

Developer David Ublansky says they've scaled back and are willing to work more with residents to reach a compromise.

"Originally we came in with a six storey condominium apartment complex and based on feedback from an initial open house that we put on for the public we heard their concerns with density and what they were looking for, so we did scale that back and came in with two storey townhomes and a three storey stacked townhome."


Developer David Ublansky of Briday Development seen on September 10, 2019 (Photo by AM800's Zander Broeckel)

He says he's happy to hear from the public as the process moves forward.

"I think we heard a lot of issues tonight from the public which, obviously, we're going to take into account for a further public meeting. So I think that we're going to be able to take a look at all of the concerns that they had, come back and hope to answer and ease all of their questions and put together another wonderful development here in the Town of Tecumseh."

Ublansky says any previous work they've down in Tecumseh has been a success.

"We did a small in-fill housing on Christie Ln. and we just finished the Estates of Lakewood Park development on the former Lakewood Golf Course. It's sold out and was very successful and people are very happy with the product that we put in there."


A drawing of a proposed 63-unit townhouse development for the former Victoria Public School site in Tecumseh (Photo courtesy of Briday Development)

At the meeting, mayor Gary McNamara stressed the fact that no plans have been finalized just yet.

Administration will now prepare a report on the feedback from residents — that report will be presented at a second public meeting to be held at a future date.