U.S Presidential Hopeful to Visit Windsor

AM800-News-Bernie Sanders

American presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders will be heading to Ontario later this month, including Windsor, with a group of diabetics seeking cheaper insulin.

The Democratic candidate says in a tweet that  Americans need relief from high drug prices.

He'll be travelling to Detroit and then to Windsor July 28th to buy insulin, which is much cheaper in Canada.

It's estimated the cost of a vial of insulin is about ten times more expensive in the U.S compared to this side of the border.

Sanders believes the prescription price gap between the two countries could be the result of Canada's publicly funded health care system.

A Caravans to Canada campaign has Americans crossing the border regularly to get the cheaper lifesaving medication.

For example, the price of Novalog in the U.S is about $350  while here in Canada, it's $40.

Caravans to Canada blames the U.S style for-profit medical system for the drastic price difference