VIDEO: Unexpected Obstacle for Proposed Apartment Complex

An unexpected obstacle for a proposed $43-million apartment complex near downtown Windsor.

On Monday, the city's Development Standing Committee heard some opposition from B-A-S-F regarding the proposed 152 unit building at the corner of Wyandotte Street West and Crawford Avenue.

B-A-S-F officials told the committee the six storey project would put the Windsor site into non-compliance with the Ministry of Environment over decibel levels coming from the existing plant. The B-A-S-F plant is across the street from proposed apartment complex.

The company believes it would cost substantial money to mitigate and says they were not aware the project was almost shovel ready until receiving information about the standing committee meeting.

But after a lengthy debate, the committee approved Piroli Construction's official plan amendment and re-zoning of the lands.

Councillor Irek Kusmierczyk has sat on the committee for five years and says it's the first time he's had to deal with something like this.

He says the apartment project is important and critical for the city.

"B-A-S-F raising some important concerns as well but again the scale and scope and the importance of the housing development as well, I'm confident we will be able to find a resolution and a path forward," says Kusmierczyk.     "It's their prerogative, B-A-S-F's to raise those concerns so right up until the planning committee makes its decision, so it is fair game,"        

The committee asked officials with Piroli Construction and B-A-S-F to work together over the next few weeks to come up with a solution before the issue heads to city council.


Developer Rob Piroli told the committee he can't put off the project much longer and has a 16-month window to complete it.

He hopes to have the complex finished by the summer of 2020.

As heard on AM800 news late last year, the city has already approved Piroli's Community Improvement Plan for the project.