UPDATE: Two people dead after police chase near Cambridge

Two people are dead after a police chase east of Cambridge, and the province's police watchdog is now investigating the involvement of Waterloo police.

Officials with Waterloo police say they were called at about 9:30 a.m. about a possible abduction or assault. There are reports a woman was seen being forced into a vehicle in Cambridge.

When officers responded, the vehicle took off, and a pursuit was initiated.

A witness says he saw a red Pontiac being chased by a cruiser through a Tim Horton's parking lot near Hwy 401 and Franklin Blvd, followed by several more police cars blaring their sirens.

Less than half an hour after the chase began, the red vehicle collided head-on with a transport truck at a high speed, on Hwy 6 south of Hwy 401. The man and woman in the car were both killed.  

"It's incredible the amount of damage," OPP Sgt Kerry Schmidt says of the accident scene.

Half of the red vehicle was crushed under the truck, the other half was torn off and debris sprayed the roadway.

"It is horrific," Schmidt says.

It is unclear whether the pursuit was still going on when the fatal crash occurred. Police are not releasing any more information, given the province's special investigations unit is now taking over.

There are reports the red vehicle was travelling more than 130 km/h when it collided with the transport truck.