VIDEO: Cirque Du Soleil Set to Wow Windsor Audience

It's a menagerie of a circus,  gymnastics, music and artistry.

Cirque du Soleil has rolled into Windsor with the show "Corteo," which portrays the story of a clown viewing his own funeral with flashbacks of his life.

The show opened Wednesday and runs until May 19th at the WFCU Centre.

It includes 52 performers from 18 countries on a stage


Rehearsal on May 15 at the WFCU Centre (Photo by AM800's Teresinha Medeiros)

Publicist Maxwell Batista says the set up for this show is unique.

"You have the audience sitting on both sides of the stage which will give to them the perspective of the actor when they are watching the show, there is something extraordinary happening on stage, they can see the reaction of the people on the other side," he says.

Batista says it is ultimately a show celebrating the life of this clown.

"You can see all the greatest moments of this clown, when he was a kid he used to play on his bed pretending it was a trampoline and this is when you see two big trampolines in the shape of a bed, there are four acrobats doing some high level acrobatic tricks jumping from bed to bed, doing things that we wanted to do as kids jumping from bed to bed," he says.

Hand painted curtains inspired by Paris's Eiffel Tower drape the stage.


After juggling for 17 years, performer Johan Juslin says he still gets butterflies in his stomach before a show.

"I still get nervous, sometimes I don't and sometimes that's a bad sign because then you think about completely different things and then you don't concentrate and make more errors, so being nervous is not a bad thing at all," says Juslin.

It takes one day to set up the stage, the technical aspects of the show and the behind the scenes work.  Amazingly, it takes 3.5 hours to tear it all down and pack it all into 20 transport trucks.

After Windsor, the show heads to Hamilton and ultimately to Europe for a couple of years.

Tickets start at $59.