WATCH: Right or wrong?


This video has surfaced on Instagram, allegedly showing a dogwalker in Toronto, lifting a dog up by what appears to be the collar.

It was shot in the west end of Toronto, by a man named Alexander, who spoke on the Showgram with Jim Richards on NEWSTALK1010.

He claims to be an amateur dog trainer and was shocked at what he was seeing, calling it abuse.

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But the man was doing the lifting, defended his actions.

Austin told Jim Richards that the dog was never in distress, and isn't scared of him. He claims he learned the technique from other dog walkers with years of experience.

He says it's a way of keeping the animal close to him, by not pulling back on its collar or harness.

Austin says the dog was wearing a harness.

We showed the video to NEWSTALK 1010 host and Veternarian, Dr. Clayton Greenway.

"To me, I'm going to use the word terrifying. I'd never want my dog to be in that scenario." says the host of Animal House on NEWSTALK 1010.

He says he's never seen or heard of any training techniques that would require the owner to lift part of the dog off the ground.