Weather team may investigate London region storm damage

Environment Canada says it is considering sending an investigative team to the London region, following a nasty storm that included hail, strong winds and downpours.

A tornado warning was in effect Saturday afternoon for London and Eastern Middlesex County.

Steve Knott says they’d like to get more information to see if the rotation that was spotted on radar touched down anywhere.

“We’ve seen some footage. It could very well have been a tornado. No doubt there was rotation on the radar,” he says.

Sometimes Environment Canada works with a team from Western University who have investigated tornado touchdowns in the past, including northeast of London in April. “They know what they’re doing,” Knott says.

He is looking at footage sent in from Arkona that shows storm damage from Saturday.

On Rock Glen Road, residents were left without power for about 10 hours and the road was closed. About 40 pine trees were lost on one property, said resident James Finlay.

“…all the tops were taken off of them leaving a carnage of timber similar to tooth picks but in fact the diameter of the trees were over l6 inches in calibration,” he said.