Western says campus will be smoke free by mid 2019

Western University plans to eliminate smoking from its campus by July 2019.

Starting Friday, smokers are asked to be at least 10 meters from any campus building.

The university says it will move toward a smoke-free campus in three stages.

By March, the 10 meters distance from buildings goes into effect.

On July 1, smoking will be allowed only in a limited number of designated smoking areas on campus. The number and location of these smoking areas are currently being evaluated.

By July 1, 2019, the goal is all designated smoking areas will be phased out or removed and Western’s campus will become smoke-free.

Officials say the university’s decision to move towards a smoke-free campus comes after extensive consultation with many groups and individuals at Western, who indicated that a smoke-free environment would create a healthier environment for all.

In a 2016 survey of students, faculty and staff, 76 per cent of respondents agreed that a move to a smoke-free campus would be a positive transition.