Windsor Murder Victim Remembered During Trail Cleanup

Over 200 people remembered the late Sara Anne Widholm the way she would have wanted, by keeping the Ganatchio Trail in Windsor clean and beautiful.

Widholm was brutally attacked on her daily walk along the trail back in October of 2017 — she remained in hospital for more than a year before succumbing to her injuries in December of 2018.

It's the second year for the annual Cleanup along Ganatchio Trail. Laurie Harrison and Eric Bonnici organized the event on Saturday in her honour after speaking to the family.

Widholm's son told the pair he wanted the day to be about his mother, not the random act of violence that took her life.

Harrison says they're keeping the Riverside native's legacy alive for the right reason.

"We both saw Ann every day; we saw her walking by our houses cleaning up the trial. I just think it's a fantastic way for the community to walk in her footsteps and learn that one person can make a difference," she says. "She was one person who came out and picked up litter, but because of that, now there are a couple hundred people out here picking up litter."

Harrison says Widholm may be gone, but she continues to set an example.

"Who she was and what she did and what we saw her doing every day. Realizing that we can all take those little steps just like Ann did and we can follow her footsteps and continue to keep the trail clean," she says.

Close to 300 bags of trash were filled during the Saturday cleanup event.

Harrison says Widholm was all about community, so she would have been all smiles seeing the connections made in her name.

"People were out there talking to each other, getting to know their neighbours and just doing something good for the environment while remembering somebody for the right reasons," she says.

Habibullah Ahmadi, 21, who also goes by the name of Daniel, is facing a charge of second degree murder in relation to Widholm's death.