TKO with Kara Ro

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The TKO Show, is hosted by Kara Ro, former professional boxing World Champion, coach, motivational speaker, mother of 2, and long time broadcaster. The TKO represents Talk, Knowledge, and Opinion as Kara takes on a variety of lifestyle issues such as parenting, fitness, music, relationships and health. Daily experts will help you navigate through issues and provide tips for success!


  • The TKO Show- Food

    Meal prep madness with Luanne Dimitroff giving us all the tips on meal prepping
  • The TKO Show- Fashion/Beauty

    Kara talks with Sarah Rivard-Henry about face mapping
  • The TKO Show- Flowers/Gardening

    All your gardening and flower tips with Jay Terryberry
  • The TKO Show- Fitness Segment

    Luiz Mendez joins Kara to help with people suffering from arthritis
  • The TKO Show- Movie Review

    Get all the reviews of all the movies out and coming out
  • The TKO Show- Optimal Health

    Get healthy and stay healthy with Justice Fournier and Sean Gregson
  • The TKO Show- Relationship Rehab

    Giselle Harrison joins the show to tell us how to bring "sexy back"
  • The TKO Show- Technology

    Thursday Threefer gives you all you need to know about app's and gadgets
  • The TKO Show- Happy Home

    Get all the home staging tips you need from home stager Monica Bunder
  • The TKO Show - New Fads Part 2

    Toni Bruner from Blue Pin Social Events
  • The TKO Show - New Fads Part 1

    Toni Bruner from Blue Pin Social Events
  • The TKO Show- Holistic Happiness

    Get your mind and body right with Reiki Master Tracey Rogers

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