TKO with Kara Ro

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The TKO Show, is hosted by Kara Ro, former professional boxing World Champion, coach, motivational speaker, mother of 2, and long time broadcaster. The TKO represents Talk, Knowledge, and Opinion as Kara takes on a variety of lifestyle issues such as parenting, fitness, music, relationships and health. Daily experts will help you navigate through issues and provide tips for success!


  • The TKO Show- Finances

    Kelley Keehn chats with Kara about Canadians citing money worries as their number one stress.
  • The TKO Show- Technology

    Tech Expert Carmi Levy gives us his 'Thursday Threefer' where he introduces listeneres to a new app, gadget, and website
  • The TKO Show- Optimal Health

    Jimmy Graham in studio to talk about Manifest Success.. which can cover the 4 areas of life, Health, Wealth, Relationships & Spirituality
  • The TKO Show- Inspire Segment

    Multimillionaire serial entrepreneur May McCarthy joins Kara to talk about 5 Myths to Bust before becoming an Entrepreneur
  • The TKO Show- Book It

    Award-winning author Emily Kemme joins Kara to talk about 'Should Domestic Violence Calls Automatically End In Handcuffs?'
  • The TKO Show- Nutrition

    Registered Dietician Andrea Docherty joins Kara to talk about golden rules to healthy grilling, differences between different types of salts and oils.
  • The TKO Show- Mental Muscle

    Author Jenn Sadai joins Kara to discuss her "Self-esteem Series"
  • The TKO Show- Money Magic

    Joshua Lane a Certified FInancial Planner in studio to talk about Canadian Household Debt
  • The TKO Show- Entertainment

    A rundown of MMVA's winners and all the latest gossip out of Hollywood
  • The TKO Show- Food

    Dr. John Douillard discusses Will You Feel The Effects Of A Summer Diet In The Winter?
  • The TKO Show- Fitness

    Kara talks with personal trainer Clark Wiebe about mens health
  • The TKO Show- Fish Fraud

    Find out about 'Fish Fraud' and what it is

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