Top City officials called out in video from former LPFFA president

It’s less than a minute long, but a video posted on twitter from a former president of the London Professional Fire Fighters Association is getting a lot of attention.

John Hassan posted the video on twitter January 1st following his retirement. In the video he shows a card signed by City Manager Art Zuidema and Head of Human Resources Veronica McAlea Major, he then goes on to suggest the pair are responsible for “ruining city hall”.

Hassan, who was president of the association in 2012, also says that the pair is partly responsible for him taking an early retirement.

Without a contract since 2010, the LPFFA and the City of London will resume arbitration hearings later this month.

Zuidema and McAlea Major have not responded to the video, and being singled out is not new territory for Zuidema after public battles with the inside workers union in 2015 and more recently with the Police Board.