LISTEN: Kenny Chesney Debuts 'Tip Of My Tongue'


Kenny Chesney has debuted “Tip of My Tongue,” a song he co-wrote with frequent collaborator Ross Copperman and pop superstar Ed Sheeran.

“With all the great songs that have been written, you always want to do something different,” the country star tweeted earlier this month. “I wrote this with two guys I really respect as songwriters … It’s one of the most fun sessions I’ve done in a while.”

Chesney sings: “It’s a long way down / To where I wanna go / It's a long way down / To the centre of your soul / It’s a long way down / And I'm a loaded gun / But I love your salt and sugar on the tip of my tongue.”

He told iHeartRadio he had the idea for the song for awhile but he “didn't really know where to take it, because it is an authentic story in my life and an idea in my life about connection.”

Chesney said of the collaborative process: “It took us a couple of hours and once we got into the idea of the song, and started exploring the song, in a lot of ways wrote itself. It really did, because it was just such a fun writing session.”

Listen to “Tip of My Tongue” below: