Tiny Township has de-paved paradise

Tiny Township has teamed up with Depave Canada and The Environment Network to take part in the largest depaving event in Canada.

As part of the Asphalt to Food Project, the volunteers and staff removed more than 13,000 square feet of asphalt from the decommissioned tennis courts in Perkinsfield Park.

Not only will the material be re-used by the Township's road's department, but by removing it from the old tennis courts and replacing it with green spaces, it beautifies the area. It also has an impact on the environment by allowing the rain to soak into the ground, which decreases the flood risk and preventing run off which pollutes the water in rivers and lakes - including Georgian Bay.

The township also received a $6,000 grand from the Environment Network in support of the Asphalt to Food Project to develop the greenspace into a community garden or park.

Tiny Township is looking for input from residents as to how they want to see the space used.

You can complete the survey here,

Or email the municipality at environment@tiny.ca to share your ideas.

The survey will close later this fall.

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