LISTEN: Trisha Yearwood Debuts 'Every Girl In This Town'


Trisha Yearwood has debuted “Every Girl In This Town,” an inspiring anthem from her forthcoming album.

“It's really one of the first things I heard when I was listening for songs for this record, and I think I instantly fell in love with it,” Yearwood told iHeartRadio. “Sometimes songs grow on you, but sometimes you just hear a song and go, ‘Oh my gosh, I want to sing that.’

“It starts off talking about how every little girl has this big dream and how we're all kind of in this together and we're just trying to figure it out. That doesn't change as you become older. I'm a 56-year-old little girl now and we're always trying to figure it out. It's a girl anthem that gives you permission to be yourself, and it just made me feel good and I wanted to sing it.”

Yearwood will be dropping her first country album since 2007’s Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love later this year. (She released a Frank Sinatra tribute album last year.)

The singer said she listened to thousands of songs to find the ones for her album.

“We ended up with 14 on this record because I couldn't get rid of anything,” she recalled. "I've never gone into an album saying this is the record I want to make. And if I ever have, if I ever thought I had an idea about the kind of record I wanted to make, it was never the same record it ended up being.

“So, the songs really take you down that path and they tell the story. You just find songs that, for me, they're songs that move me that I believe and then hopefully you'll believe them too, if I do.”

Yearwood said “Every Girl In This Town” stood out as a first single. “It wasn't recorded to be a single, it wasn't recorded even thinking about that,” she said. “It was just like, we like this song, but it just kind of found its way to the top of the pile.”

Listen to "Every Girl In This Town" below:

Original article by Taylor Fields at iHeartRadio