Four injured, three arrested during Raptors rally


There was joy and celebration mixed with panic and injury as a sea of Raptors fans greeted the newly crowned NBA champions.

The elation for some in attendance quickly turned to fear when gunshots interrupted the celebration in downtown Toronto.

Moments after the team emerged on stage during a rally at the end of a victory parade yesterday, the sound of gunfire sent dozens of supporters running from the one end of Nathan Phillips Square, grabbing friends and children as they fled.

The festivities were briefly suspended as one of the hosts alerted the masses, most of whom had been there since the morning, that there was an emergency.

Police later said four people had suffered injuries related to the shooting.

But three people were also quickly arrested and two firearms were recovered.

Many people in the square never even knew there were shots fired.

The celebration went ahead with Raptors players taking the stage to cheers.

Kawhi Leonard, one of the team's star players, also marvelled at the fan response.

He said, ``It's been amazing. Thank you Toronto, thank you Canada for the support, we did it.''