Search resumes for helicopter carrying missing Quebec businessman, teenage son


Search and rescue teams will continue their search today for a Quebec businessman and his teenage son who've been missing since mid-week after failing to return from a fishing trip in northern Quebec.

Stephane Roy, founder and president of Sagami Inc., which sells greenhouse tomatoes and strawberries, and his 14-year-old son didn't return as planned aboard his Robinson R44 helicopter on Wednesday afternoon.

On Thursday and Friday, Canadian Forces planes and helicopters began searching for the missing pair, looking at possible routes Roy might have taken from Lac De la Bidiere to Ste-Sophie.

The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Trenton says three Griffon helicopters and two Hercules planes are taking part in the search Saturday, joined by aircraft and planes from two specialized air search and rescue support organizations.

Teams have a 20,000 square kilometre area to search, land that is heavily forested and rocky with several lakes.

Roy's company has created a Facebook page dedicated to the search and rescue operation calling on fishermen and vacationers descending on the area to keep an eye out.