Jul 11: Porta-parties, white shoes & buying in multiples!


0:00 - We're here, but we're TIRED!
0:50 - Is this a redneck way to deal with the heat?!
4:00 - The best thing to come from Smiths Falls...
4:20 - The people we see in the middle of the night...
10:25 - Beyoncé really is OTHER-WORLDLY!
12:20 - Why did people PARTY in porta-potties at #PureCountryNight?!
16:45 - We understand Taylor Swift, but Kylie Jenner??
18:50 - Good Idea/Bad Idea: white shoes at a festival, a pill to make you sober & the *last* pool floatie you'll ever need?
27:45 - Why does Forman own FOUR pairs of the SAME shorts?!

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