**Updated** Assoun murder case: RCMP suppressed, erased evidence of other suspects


**Updated at 2:27 p.m.**

A federal report says the RCMP didn't disclose an investigator's theories about other suspects to a wrongfully convicted man trying to prove he was innocent of murder.

Not only that, but the Justice Department assessment says someone also scrubbed or destroyed most of the potential evidence, including the possibility a serial killer was the true culprit.

The report in the case of  63-year-old Glen Assoun, who was convicted and spent almost 17 years in prison for the 1995 murder of Brenda Way before he was exonerated this spring, was released today.

It reveals what his lawyers are calling the "extraordinary story" of a failed police investigation.

The revelations emerged after a Nova Scotia Supreme Court judge ruled in favour of a case launched by The Canadian Press, CBC and The Halifax Examiner for access to the report.

Based on that report, Justice Minister David Lametti declared there was reasonable basis to believe a miscarriage of justice had occurred and that "reliable and relevant evidence" was never provided to the defence.