Battle Brewing Over New Quebec Flood Zones


A battle over flood recovery is brewing in Quebec.

The Quebec government is out with a map of proposed new flood zones - known as Special Intervention Zones - where building, rebuilding and major renovations would be not allowed at all, or highly restricted depending on several conditions including the water level and the value of the damage.

It includes a large area around the shorelines of Allumettes Island.

The island’s municipal Director General Alicia Jones says it’s larger than what most feel is needed, and is a big concern for all property owners both permanent and seasonal. 

She says the bottom line is, anyone who wants to build, rebuild or renovate within the new zones would be impacted.

"We really have to get out there and tell the government that we disagree what this looks like", Jones told Pure Country 96.7.

"Not that we disagree with building in the flood plains, but what the zone encompasses right now is very extreme, and includes certain areas that will never see water, so we're really going out there to fight for the right of the people here", Jones added.

"It touches every area of our island that was touched in 2019, but also goes well beyond that.  And what they're telling us here at the municipal level is that we're no longer allowed to give out any permits for building, rebuilding or major renovations to any structures that are located in that red zone".

An estimated 400 properties on the island were impacted by the floods of 2019 in some way.

Public Meeting Thursday Afternoon

A public meeting is being held Thursday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the community centre in Campbell’s Bay, where the government will be explaining the new zone and hearing concerns from the public and municipal leaders. 

The public meeting today is a mandatory part of the process, but Jones says the new zones could be law within a few weeks.

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