Cleaners' Strike Enters Week 2


The union representing striking cleaners at Garrison Petawawa will shift its focus on Friday.    

The Public Service Alliance of Canada will be picketing outside an Ottawa based company that's been hired to replace them on the base during the strike.  

The union says the main issue in the dispute is that their employer, GDI Services, has failed to honour promised wage increases for the Petawawa employees.

They say that's affecting the livelihoods of numerous families.  

Arbitration is now underway, but there's no clear date for a possible resolution or for any additional talks.

We've reached out numerous times to GDI for a comment including by phone twice yesterday, and we are still awaiting a reply.

Traffic Flow In Petawawa

Meanwhile, the union is apologizing for added traffic delays in Petawawa during the first few days of the strike.

Local 639 President Kevin MacInnis says things got intense on the first few days, and apologized for the resulting delays and frustration.

""I apologize for that, but we needed to get that message out on the first few days", MacInnis told Pure Country 96.7.

MacInnis says they've since changed their tactics outside the garrison gates, in an effort to keep ensuring the public receives their message.

"I can assure you now, we're not stopping traffic, we're using the lights", MacInnis told Pure Country 96.7.

"We want it safe.  We just want a fair deal; we feel we deserve what we're offered and what they agreed to", he added.

Meanwhile, the OPP says they've been monitoring the situation and says they've been keeping an open dialogue with all parties involved.  An OPP official tells us they're satisfied with how things have developed over the past few days.

"Ongoing negotiations saw demonstrators move their activities to different locations earlier this week which helped to alleviate the traffic backups the last two days", said OPP spokesman Bill Dickson.

He says in the past couple of days, there have been no problems with anyone blocking public roadways.