Demonstrators Use PC Government Anniversary To Denounce Cuts

As the provincial government marked one year in office, a group of demonstrators in Pembroke wasn’t in a mood to celebrate.   

About 150 people demonstrated outside MPP John Yakabuski’s office late Friday afternoon to protest provincial cuts and changes to funding for education, healthcare and other areas. 

Jeff Barber of the Renfrew County chapter of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation says the province has already backed down on funding cuts to municipalities, this year so it’s time to tell them how people feel about spending cuts and changes being made in other areas involving important public servicse.

"We hope that by speaking up and making sure that the government hears our voices, that they know that the people of Ontario are not happy with the direction that they're taking, and that they need to re-evaluate and reconsider investing in healthcare and education in this province", Barber told Pure Country 96.7.

Yakabuski Notes Government Initiatives

MPP John Yakabuski issued a news release on Friday saying the government’s first year in office has been marked by more than 250 initiatives that not only help put the province on a path to a balanced budget, but also protect core services people rely on.   

He says cancelling the carbon tax, ensuring minimum wage earners pay no personal income tax, introducing a flexible child care tax credit for low and middle income families, and improving choice for consumers by expanding beer and wine sales are just some of the measures putting more money back in people’s pockets. 

Yakabuski says the government has been working tirelessly to restore trust in Ontario’s finances and invest in healthcare and education.

“Our government has been working day and night to restore trust in Ontario’s finances, invest in healthcare and education, and make Ontario open for business and open for jobs,” said Yakabuski. “Today, we can proudly say: ‘Promises made, promises kept.’”

“Everything we do, we do for the people. We have an opportunity build for our future,” added Yakabuski. “I look forward to continuing to work with our government over the next year to make life better for the people of Ontario and turn this province around.”