Flood Recovery Plans Being Built After State Of Emergency Lifted

Now that Renfrew County’s state of emergency over the devastating spring flooding has been lifted, the focus is shifting to building recovery plans in each affected municipality.

A volunteer based charity called Team Rubicon Canada, which combines military personnel and veterans with first responders, has been gathering data on recovery needs for  communities and aid groups. 

They’ve already collected information on more than one quarter of the nearly 1,000 impacted homes.. and spokesperson Zach Simard says the goal is to provide the most useful data possible for local recovery plans.

"By providing municipal leaders with the highest-quality data to use within their own recovery planning, and also to push higher to request more resources, I think we're really enabling command and decision making at every level", Rubicon told Pure Country 96.7.

"We personally looked at 281 of those homes, and provided feedback to the municipal leaders", Simard added.

Anyone who hasn’t done so can report the flooding damage to Team Rubicon on an online form. 

Request for Assistance form: https://forms.gle/ufPueCQUokjXLDWe9

Simard says now that they've demobilized the "on-the-ground" outreach portion of the operation, they're trying to continue getting information that can help. 

"With our database tool and with our liaison, we're looking to facilitate as much cross-talk between the community emergency management coordinators as possible in the area, just so that we can help them define the problem both to Emergency Management Ontario, and to all the other non-governmental stakeholders, to help them get the help that the County needs, during this time of need", Simard added.

To learn more about the group, please visit www.teamrubicon.ca