Gallant Calls For Public Displays For Afghanistan Memorials


Renfrew County’s Member of Parliament says tributes to Canadians killed in Afghanistan should have a more prominent public place.

The government is opening the Afghanistan Memorial Hall inside National Defence Headquarters to families of the fallen on August 17th, to rededicate Kandahar Cenotaph, established by forces members during the deployment.

This, after the original opening of the hall itself was done in private, and without the families.

MP Cheryl Gallant says it’s a small step forward after the original hall dedication was done in private.

"People are relieved, but still disgruntled, because they feel that the government is not providing them with the recognition of sacrifices.  There's always going to be that resentment over being left out in the beginning", Gallant told Pure Country 96.7.

Gallant says the cenotaphs and other memorial fixtures deserve a permanent place outside the hall.

"Closer to Parliament Hill, where everyone -- people who are visiting Parliament, and our capital -- can see this as well", suggested Gallant.

"It could be shared by more Canadians, as well as people visiting Canada", she added.

Gallant says it’s her understanding that plans are in the works to move at least one of the cenotaphs but details haven’t been unveiled.

The government also says it is planning to allow the public opportunities to see the Memorial Hall on August 18th, but hasn’t released details about the process.