Gallant Tells PM Feds Should Compensate Flood Victims


Renfrew County’s member of parliament is telling the Prime Minister the federal government owes it to flood victims to provide compensation. 

In a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau this week, Cheryl Gallant says the federal government, along with the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board, a seven-member panel which she notes includes 3 federal appointees, along with the International Joint Commission that regulates the Great Lakes, all have a bigger role to play in preventing flooding.

"As boundary waters, the Great Lakes and the Ottawa River fall under federal jurisdiction.  The federal government even owns one of the dams along the Ottawa River", Gallant said.

She also outlines concerns about federal environmental policies that she says are contributing to flooding.

Gallant also notes that the provincial government compensation is capped for victims. 

She says the feds should be providing compensation and working on solutions, and is urging people to visit her website and sign a letter to that effect.

A link to Cheryl Gallant's letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and more details are here: