Hopefully, The Traffic Lights Are Fixed


Pembroke's traffic light problems have, hopefully, been fixed.

That's the word from City Hall on Thursday, after contractors spent Wednesday working on the lights at the intersections of Pembroke Street East and Howard, and at Nelson and Mackay.  

Both were going into "default" flashing mode at times when they're not supposed to be, causing confusion for some drivers.  

City officials say they hope Wednesday's repairs will eliminate further malfunctions.  

They also say there's a contingency plan in place should any further issues arise, which will be communicated to media outlets in the city if the need arises.  

The city is reminding drivers that according to Ontario law a flashing yellow, or "amber" light, does NOT mean stop, it means proceed with caution through the intersection.  Only a flashing red, or no lights at all, means stop first and then proceed when safe.