Major Army Exercise Wraps Up Today


One of the biggest army training exercises of the year wraps up today at Garrison Petawawa.  

Hundreds of regular and reserve force soldiers from across Ontario's 4th Division of the Army are wrapping up Exercise Stalwart Guardian with a simulated attack on an "enemy" camp laden with obstacles and hurdles.

It's involved a 25-kilometre trek from the Ottawa River, almost to the Algonquin Park boundary:  a grueling two weeks of work involving intense phyiscal and environmental challenges, to help troops to be ready for the army's next big deployment.  

"We've had some extremely hot days ... some rain storms that have gone through, and they've walked 25 kilometres, by day and by night, attacking various objectives throughout the day, which involves running and sprinting," Capt Ryan Salsbury of the 3rd Royal Canadian Regiment told Pure Country 96.7

"These guys have been learning how to hydrate, how to eat tactically, and they've been learning  the limits of their own bodies and what they're capable of doing", he added.

Mentoring Reservists

Capt. Salsbury says one of the highlights, and one of the main goals, has been the opportunity to mentor reservists who've just joined.

"Our soldiers that are used to doing this are helping these reservists, many of whom have only joined the army within the last year, to get the skills and drills down that they need to become effective, both here in Canada on operations, and overseas if they're called on to do so".

As of this fall, it will be the 4th Division's turn to be ready for domestic or international missions.

"Shoot, move and communicate is what we're drilling down, so that they can be effective in Canada and overseas".