More Details: Investigation Into Alleged Beating Of Petawawa Soldier Overseas

Garrison Petawawa

We're getting some more details on an investigation into the alleged beating of a Petawawa soldier, reportedly by another Canadian Armed Forces member, while the two were off-duty in Europe.

National Defence tells Pure Country 96.7 the incident happened back on June 18th when a member of Petawawa's 3rd Royal Canadian Regiment, who was deployed to support an international exercise, was allegedly assaulted while off-duty in Germany.

"The soldier was part of a staging team for Exercise SWIFT RESPONSE in Kaiserslautern, Germany", Lt. Jason Rheubottom told Pure Country 96.7. 

The soldier was taken to hosptal in Germany was then flown back to Canada via "aeromedical evacuation".  

There have been reports that the soldier is a Private, and was reportedly beaten unconscious by another more senior member of the forces.

"It is inappropriate for us to comment in detail", Lt. Jason Rheubottom told Pure Country 96.7 about the specifics of the allegations and the injuries.

"Information regarding the extent or nature of a member’s injuries is protected under The Privacy Act. Additionally, as the incident is still under investigation, it would be inappropriate to release details at this time", Rheubottom said.

Rheubottom did confirm that the soldier has since returned to duty.  

It's not clear if charges will be filed but that should become more clear when Military Police complete their investigation.

"Military Police have been in contact with other relevant policing agencies, and will turn the results of the investigation over to the appropriate authorities, at which time further courses of action will be considered", Lt. Rheubottom added.

Rheubottom says there was a constant flow of communication after the incident was reported.

"The member’s chain of command has been kept regularly updated on the condition and progress of their member through their designated assistant. The member has since returned to duty", he said.

"We are unable to comment further regarding details in this matter until the military police complete their investigation".