More Tests & Faster Results


Pembroke’s hospital lab manager says patients can expect faster laboratory test results thanks to a new piece of high-tech gear that’s now in place. 

A new analyzer purchased for the hospital by the Eastern Ontario Regional Laboratory Association will not only increase test turnaround times, but Lab Director David Colantonio says it will allow more tests to be performed locally, including more tests relating to heart issues.

"We've implemented a more sensitive test with the new analyzer, so we're able to rule in or rule out cardiac disease and injury quickly", Colantonio told Pure Country 96.7.

Over 50-thousand tests are performed each year in the lab at Pembroke Regional Hospital, which is the second largest medical lab facility of its kind in this part of eastern Ontario outside of Ottawa.

"We do a lot of testing there and we see a lot of patients.  Being able to have offer equipment and new tests to the people of Pembroke and area as well, I think is of great importance".

"This is a huge step forward in terms of advancement in technology", added Lab Manager Chetan Jariwala said.

What's more, the majority of hospital laboratory sites in the hospital network that PRH is part of are receiving the same equipment, in order to allow for standardized testing and results across Eastern Ontario.

The new Roche analyzer went into operation on June 11th after an extensive period of testing and training.